Look Who’s Being Violent! Wisconsin Unions! I Thought Libs Said it was the Tea Party that was Violent!

After learning the state Senate passed the collective bargaining portion of the budget repair bill without the 14 missing Democrats, the Capitol erupted Wednesday evening as protesters flooded the closed building against a court order.

The hearings where the Senate passed the bill lasted less than a half hour, prompting the building to officially close around 6:30 p.m. Protesters outside chanted in frustration, “Let us in.” 

After about an hour and a half, protesters stormed the building’s entrances, forcing themselves past police blockades.

Protesters who remained in the building past the hearing’s conclusion ran the risk of being arrested for disorderly conduct because of a March 3 court order that declared people could not occupy the Capitol after hours.

Read all here:  http://badgerherald.com/news/2011/03/09/protests_more_aggres.php

Now this is funny stuff, because THIS is what liberals accused the Tea Party of being like.  But, the Tea Party has never behaved like this.  Liberals make all kinds of lying accusations against conservatives.  But, when liberals don’t get their way, look who behaves violently.  It’s very hypocritical and very funny! Bravo for Wisconsin Republicans who stuck to their guns!


Victory! Wisconsin Senate GOP Votes to Strip State Workers of Collective Bargaining Rights

Apparently, state legislature Republicans have more spine than Republicans in Washington:

Bypassing Democrats hiding out in Illinois, Wisconsin Senate Republicans voted Wednesday night to strip state workers of their collective bargaining rights.

Republicans voted 18-1 to pass the stripped-down budget bill in a hastily arranged meeting. None of the Senate Democrats were present.

The State Assembly is expected to vote on the bill Thursday.

All 14 Senate Democrats fled to Illinois nearly three weeks ago, preventing the chamber from having enough members present to consider Gov. Scott Walker’s so-called “budget repair bill” — a proposal introduced to plug a $137 million budget shortfall.. 

The Senate requires a quorum to take up any measures that spend money. But Republicans on Wednesday split from the legislation the proposal to curtail union rights, and a special conference committee of state lawmakers approved that bill a short time later.

Wisconsin Senate Democratic leader Mark Miller said Wednesday Democrats will “join the people of Wisconsin in taking back their government,” but he refused to say when.

The lone Democrat present on the conference committee, Rep. Tony Barca, shouted that the surprise meeting was a violation of the state’s open meetings law but Republicans voted over his objections. The Senate then convened within minutes and passed it without discussion or debate.

Spectators in the gallery screamed “You are cowards.”

Read all here:  http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2011/03/09/wisconsin-republicans-plan-pass-budget-democrats-sources-say/

No, sorry!   The cowards were the Democrats who thought hiding out was going to get them off the hook with the taxpayers who foot the bill for greedy, demanding unions.  Republicans decided to call their bluff and do an end run around them.  This is great.  Maybe Democrats will think twice before pulling another “run for the border” move in the future.  I applaud the Republicans in Wisconsin for doing the right thing.

High Schools (and America) Have Lost that “Lovin’ Feeling” for Obama

Poor Obama.  A couple years ago, he arrogantly told Democrats the difference between Hillarycare and Obamacare is “you’ve got me.”  Well, apparently, that isn’t enough, anymore:

The White House is ramping up an effort to promote a nationwide competition to decide which high school wins a commencement speech by President Obama.

 An internal White House memo indicates that the White House is facing a shortage of applications less than a week before the deadline.

The competition was extended from the February 25 deadline until Friday, March 11 after few schools met the original application deadline. CBS News has learned a White House Communications Office internal memo dated February 22 noted “a major issue with the Commencement Challenge.”

“As of yesterday we had received 14 applications and the deadline is Friday,” the memo said. The memo also urged recipients to, “please keep the application number close hold.”

A follow-up memo on February 28 reported receipt of 68 applications. Noting the competition among more than 1,000 schools last year, the memo said, “Something isn’t working.” It called on staffers to ask “friendly congressional, gubernatorial and mayoral offices” to encourage schools to apply. 

Officials were unable to explain the reason for the apparent lack of interest, beyond pointing to possible procrastination by school systems.

Read all at:  http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-503544_162-20040100-503544.html

It’s extremely easy to explain.  After more than two years of disastrous policies which have bankrupted the country, Obama isn’t the “one,” anymore.  What high school kid wants a commencement by the guy who threw mom and dad out of work?  Nope, sorry!  Obama, the country doesn’t have that “you’ve got me” feeling for you anymore.  Here’s a video, in Obama’s honor, that sums up the situation nicely.

Hypocrisy Watch: Dem Capuano to Union Supporters, you have to “get a little bloody.”

Boy, is this typical of liberals in general.  “Hateful rhetoric” is only “hateful rhetoric” if it’s said by conservatives.  If a liberal says it, no matter how violent or hateful, it’s perfectly okay in the view of liberals.

This is the same Democrat who lectured us (back in January) about civility in politics.  But the minute he thinks his power base is threatened, look how he talks.  It’s extremely telling and extremely hypocritical.

Capuano is now back peddling on his comments.   http://www.breitbart.tv/dem-rep-to-union-supporters-you-have-to-get-a-little-bloody/  (Sorry, you will have to follow the url to see the video.  I can’t embed it. ) 

When are Democrats going to learn?  There is a new media now.  Just because you say something in front of a friendly audience, doesn’t mean it won’t get out to everyone else.  Hello Democrats!  Welcome to the age of Youtube!

Which means he didn’t think he was going to get called on this, but now that he has, he’s trying to squirm his way out. 

This is why we shouldn’t be intimidated by talk of civility.  It’s just an attempt by liberals to shut us up.  They have no intention of following through with their own civility.  They call the Tea Party nuts, and threaten to “get a little bloody?”  But we, in the Tea Party, we conservatives, we have to be careful about what we say?  You liberals are fooling no one.

Hypocrisy Watch


Barack Obama ‘You’re no Ronald Reagan’

Why is it Democrats are always looking contemptuously on conservatism, like the Tea Party, yet trying to emulate the Tea Party’s heroes, like Reagan, when they want to get elected?

Obama’s recent State of the Union speech was full of self-conscious optimism (though the slogan “winning the future” is a pygmy compared with Reagan’s “morning in America”) and appeals to bipartisanship – a nod to the celebrated fact that Reagan managed to work with Speaker of the House Tip O’Neill, a liberal Democrat.

Other Democrats, taking this a step further, are using Reagan as a stick to beat the modern Republican party, painting him as a moderate pragmatist who would be out of step with today’s hard-right ideologues.

Republicans treat all this with weary disdain. To paraphrase Senator Lloyd Bentsen’s famous 1988 put down of Senator Dan Quayle, the older ones are saying: “I knew Ronald Reagan. Ronald Reagan is an idol of mine. President Obama, you’re no Ronald Reagan.”

Rich Galen, a Republican strategist who was working on Capitol Hill in the Reagan era, says that conservatives giggle at Obama’s attempts to be Reaganesque. “Obama is diametrically opposed to everything Reagan stood for.”

There is little doubt that Reagan would have been dryly derisive of Obama’s policies and presidency. “Government is like a baby,” Reagan once quipped. “An alimentary canal with a big appetite at one end and no sense of responsibility at the other.”

Obama, by contrast, views government as a kindly nurse and the people as the baby. According to his mindset, the people should submit to those in government who know better and whose role is to make decisions and control the purse strings.

Read all here:  http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/tobyharnden/100074903/american-way-republicans-to-barack-obama-you%e2%80%99re-no-ronald-reagan/

That Democrats are trying to revise the history of Reagan is laughable.  There are too many people of my generation who remember Reagan and know Obama is nothing like Reagan.  Democrats think they can recast Reagan for all those born after Reagan, who don’t remember him. 

Frankly, I think this will be a laughable fail on the Democrat’s part.  It would be like Republicans trying to recast FDR as a spend thrift conservative.  Despite there are generations who have been born after the time of FDR, there is too much known about FDR, for that to fly.  The same is true about Reagan. 

This move by the Democrats reveals a two-part desperation.

A)  That they know the Tea Party and conservatism trumped them in the 2010 elections.

B)  They think they only way to fight back is not with any honesty about their own ideas, but to lie about conservative ideas.  They think if they can get enough people to believe Reagan was really one of them, and not a conservative more like the Tea Party, they can fool people into voting for them.

Laughable at best, pathetic at the least.

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Virginia says let’s cut to the chase and have the USSC decide Obamacare

Virginia is not content to wait for the courts to grind their way up to the USSC while the Obama administration ignores them and cotinues to implement Obamacare:

RICHMOND – Virginia will ask that the U.S. Supreme Court immediately review the state’s constitutional challenge to the federal health-care overhaul, a rare legal request to bypass appeals and ask for early intervention from the nation’s highest court, Attorney General Ken T. Cuccinelli II said Thursday.

Cuccinelli (R) said that conflicting court decisions about the law’s constitutionality have created sufficient uncertainty about implementation of the sweeping law to justify speeding Supreme Court review.

The Justice Department will oppose the motion, saying that the case should be fully heard by lower courts before the Supreme Court takes action.


Read all here:  http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2011/02/03/AR2011020305532.html

Now this is an unusual move and I don’t believe it would have happened had it not been for the Obama Administration acting in a Jacksonian manner toward the Federal ruling that the mandate to buy health insurance in Obamacare is unconstitutional.  It’s quite telling of how little this administration is trusted that Virginia made this move.  I applaud Virginia and hope more states will take this course.

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